Swing of Summer

It’s hard to believe we’re in the middle of July already and there is so much fun to catch up on!

Sadie finished her first year of preschool at Calvary and saying good-bye to her friends and beloved teacher, Mrs. McKee was a bit traumatic. She honestly thought for a while that summer meant the weekend would be spent at the beach and then come Monday she would be in the big kid class. What a disappointment to have to spend 3 whole months with Mama. It’s a process.

Here’s the big girl on her last day…last day

Her best bud at school, Sophie gave her a special picture and told her how much she’d miss her. Be still my heart.sophienote

And finally, the best preschool teacher EVER for my girl. She loved on her and taught her so much. She and Sadie bonded over their love of all things purple and Target.


Since school let out we have been busy soaking up the sun at the beach…beach

Relaxing in the backyard…backyard

And playing hard with our friends…spectrum

Stay tuned for more fun!


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