Baby Brown #3

We are floored and we are so excited that God is growing our family by another two feet! As always, there is a lot to prepare for, a lot to figure out, and a lot of joy around the news. We are so blessed…


Here’s a little questionnaire to get an idea of how things have been going since we found out:

How far along: 7 weeks, 6 days


Total Weight Gain/Loss: None. Praise the Lord.

Maternity clothes: Things I usually wear are already uncomfortable. They say your body remembers and stretches right back out and you’re bigger the third time around and I am finding that to be true.

Stretch marks: I have a few from my other two pregnancies, we’ll see if this one adds to my collection. Whatever. I’m a warrior!

Sleep: I’m exhausted all. the. time. Any sleep I get is heavenly and never enough.

Best moment last week: We had our first appointment this afternoon and I always love getting to see our little Nugget on the big screen.

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings: It’s been a little random. Anything with peppermint and preferably cold tastes amazing.  Yesterday I had to have spaghetti with a meat sauce. That was not like me.

Food aversions: Cheese, or the thought of it is disgusting.

Gender: Don’t know yet, though I have my suspicions.

Labor signs: Zilch, thank goodness.

Belly button – in or out? In.

What I miss: Having energy.

What I am looking forward to: Not being nauseous. This time things came on fast and furious. I have spent days on end flat on my back already and it has not been pretty when you’re already taking care of two little ones who don’t understand what’s going on. I’m hoping to move past it quickly, but I have never experienced this kind of sick before with my previous two.

Milestones: Telling the kids they will have a new brother or sister. Sadie is so excited and very opinionated about it…she is convinced God will make a girl for her to play with. When you ask her how she would feel about having another brother, she says, “But I already have a brother.” Jonah is totally aloof and has no clue what is going on, but by the time the baby is here his little world will turn upside down. :0)


We can’t wait for you to join in on all the fun and craziness Baby Brown! We already love and thank God for your little life!


One thought on “Baby Brown #3

  1. Congrats Jesse! I hear ya on the whole exhaustion bit. I am expecting baby # 4 in January and my other three (almost 3 year old, almost 2 year old and almost 1 year old) definitely keep me on my toes. There has also been LOTS of tears. BUT… these children are such blessings and I know they will grow out of the toddler hood and the deep demands won’t always be there. So I will see my energy return one day! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts as first trimester are the hardest (I find) for moms with other little ones. We don’t get to rest as much as we use to with the first pregnancy. Blessings on your pregnancy journey!

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