Five Things to Never Say to a Pregnant Woman in Her First Trimester


People are funny. So often they mean well, and it comes out wrong. Or sometimes they just don’t have a filter and say whatever they want with no thought of any emotional repercussions for the individual their comment is geared toward.

Although somewhere down the line these comments will be a distant memory that will most likely make me chuckle, I still have to just put it out there that these are the top five comments I am encountering on the rare occasions I attempt to make it out of the house and away from hugging my toilet for dear life.

Oh, pregnancy…

1. Wow! You look like you’re ready to pop!

This is my third pregnancy. By now, my uterus is like a deflated balloon that easily remembers how to stretch itself back out and didn’t take long to do it. It seems like we found out we were having a baby and the next day I was in maternity clothes and looking down at the familiar round hump almost blocking my toes. I’m okay with it.

2. Want a glass of wine?

This just makes me want to cry. I blame the tears on fluctuating hormones, really.

3. You having twins?

Although we did have a few days of waiting for a diagnostic ultrasound to see if we did in fact have twins. We do not.

4. My pregnancies were a breeze.

This pregnancy so far has really taught me that each one is so different. I felt like being pregnant with Sadie was a breeze until we actually had her in our arms and things for me went downhill quick. Jonah was pretty uneventful and predictable. This one has already thrown me for a loop with the excessive amount of morning sickness I have been experiencing. Some days I have honestly felt like I was dying…not that I’m dramatic or anything.

I never thought in my life I would take any sort of medication while pregnant, certainly not in my first trimester. You’re talking to a crunchy granola, natural medicine cabinet, currently trying my hand at brewing Kombucha, moisturize with Coconut Oil and wash your face with Olive Oil kind of a woman.

My idea of a natural pregnancy is out the window since I’m currently as medicated as I can be and it’s still not enough.

In all seriousness though, when I am struggling through my day with two busy toddlers and attempting to function like a person with the flu, the least encouraging thing you can tell me was that you didn’t even feel like you were pregnant most days.

I love you. Tell me later.

5. Three kids is a lot.

When you have one kiddo, it’s a lot. Two rocks your world. No matter the number, each one is a gift, each one is completely unique, and each one is exactly what we prayed for God to allow if it was His will. It will always be a lot…a lot of just what we were meant to have.

So there you have it….the next time you see me, don’t speak. Just hug it out!


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