Jonah Dylan’s Second Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to our Jonah (day before yesterday)!!!

Your favorite things (in no particular order):

  • trains
  • fruit leathers
  • bare feet
  • trash trucks
  • Sadie
  • playing with water
  • tickles/wrestling
  • apple juice and sweet potato fries
  • Goodnight Moon
  • music
  • saying “bye-bye” with your signature wave
  • the ladies
  • Giving squeezes and head bonks

Your dislikes:

  • diaper changes
  • not being able to walk at your own pace (slowest walker EVER)
  • new foods


You are one of the main sources of where our joy springs from within us as parents. In your short two years, you have taught us more about relying on God to protect and provide for us as a family and have showed us time and time again that you are someone so strong, so special, and so full of life.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that your love and compassion for people, your spunk, and your readiness to give love in spite of everything you have been through, especially in this past year is molding you into someone truly great.

We love and are thankful for every single day God gives us with you and are so humbled to have you as our son forever.

Here’s what you looked like the day you were born:


Here is you on your first birthday:


And here you are as a big-boy two year old:


You had a fun “Choo choo…I’m two” train birthday party with us. Between the homemade allergy-friendly cupcakes you talked about eating all day, the falafel (your favorite eats), and running around with your cousins all night, you tuckered yourself out!






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