Aaahhhhh Chhheeewww!

Although I am slowly adjusting to life away from home, I have discovered yet another thing that I need to adjust to…allergies. I remember¬† having to go to the hospital all the time as a little girl to get allergy tests every year because my asthma was so severe, allergies needed to be stayed on top of. They would do the 40 pricks on my back (that tickled!), and then 10 more on each arm. When the Dr. would leave the room giving my body time to react to the pricks, it wouldn’t take long before my body was red, puffy, and I needed some albuterol!

Well…living in Dallas has quickly reminded me of those times in the Dr.’s office where they practically made me stop breathing on purpose. My allergies are killing me here! My eyes are red and purple underneath, I’m sneezing every two seconds, my ears are popping, and I can’t breath!

I’m bummed about it because I was hoping I would grow out of it, but it’s obvious I’m not going to. So…Benadryl, Zyrtec, and Albuterol will be my friends for a while.

You know what the Dr.’s tell you if you suffer from bad allergies? Go to the ocean. Hmmmm…now that’s a good idea!