Brown Baby Boy!

photo(8)Tradition is for us to have a Sex Party to reveal the gender of our babies. But between birthdays, holidays, and the craziness of life, we decided to do things a little different this time around. Still special, but different. And since nothing about this third pregnancy has been normal, we’re going with it.

TJ and I had a mid-afternoon date to our OB this week and found out together that we are in fact having a baby BOY! To be honest, we were both thrown back! We of course know that there’s only two options, but just sort of assumed and pictured another girl given my extreme morning sickness and probably the fact that Sadie was absolutely convinced she was going to have another sister. More on that in a moment.

We were thrilled to see that little boy kicking away since it’s been completely quiet to me feeling no kicks or movement whatsoever as of yet. My placenta is in the front, so now I can quit the freaking out. It is the most incredible thing to lay there and watch an ultrasound unfold as you trace all the different parts that make up your newly-formed baby growing inside of you. As the sonographer went from each limb, each chamber of his heart, and view of his brain I could not help but be so thankful and in awe at a God who is so good to bless us with precious life. It is truly a miracle and we don’t take it for granted.

Later in the afternoon we came home to the kids who were being watched by Nana and Papa. Earlier in the week, Sadie had gone with me to pick out a baby boy outfit and a baby girl outfit. She knew she would get to open a present later and it would either be the pink or blue she picked out. Let’s just say leading up to this point every time Sadie has been asked if she thought Mommy was having a boy or girl, these would be the responses:

  • It’s a girl. I already have a brother.
  • It’s a girl. She will play princesses with me.
  • I know Mommy has two brothers, but I bet she wanted a sister. (I love my brothers, but that’s sadly true.)

So let’s just say when she opened her present to find blue, it was a little rough on her little heart. There were tears shed, questions asked, and denial happening. We felt for her, knowing that these past few months haven’t been easy on her almost 4 year-old life. Preschool this year has been a major adjustment, I’ve been out of commission a lot more often than I’d like, and swimming lessons had been a fear to overcome. So not getting the princess partner was understandably a letdown for her heart and we get it. photo(9)We are working through it with patience, lots of love, and reassuring her in her own love language that she has a special place in our growing family. God gives us exactly what we need even when we envision something else, and now is as good a time as ever to teach her this life-long lesson and we know she will one day thank God for giving her two brothers!

Just today, she kissed my belly, talked to Baby Boy and assured him she loved him. So, of course, we are going to be fine.

Jonah knows there is a baby in my belly. He hugs him every day, talks about it daily and is careful to be gentle around me. But he has no clue about the boy/girl thing. I love his aloofness.

After our family relished the moment together, we Skyped with Nana B and Poppi in Texas and then went to the rest of our local extended family to hand deliver blue balloon surprises.

We couldn’t be more happy with a healthy, growing, Baby Boy Brown to welcome into our lives in 4 more short months!