Jonah Dylan’s Second Birthday

Happy 2nd birthday to our Jonah (day before yesterday)!!!

Your favorite things (in no particular order):

  • trains
  • fruit leathers
  • bare feet
  • trash trucks
  • Sadie
  • playing with water
  • tickles/wrestling
  • apple juice and sweet potato fries
  • Goodnight Moon
  • music
  • saying “bye-bye” with your signature wave
  • the ladies
  • Giving squeezes and head bonks

Your dislikes:

  • diaper changes
  • not being able to walk at your own pace (slowest walker EVER)
  • new foods


You are one of the main sources of where our joy springs from within us as parents. In your short two years, you have taught us more about relying on God to protect and provide for us as a family and have showed us time and time again that you are someone so strong, so special, and so full of life.

We know without a shadow of a doubt that your love and compassion for people, your spunk, and your readiness to give love in spite of everything you have been through, especially in this past year is molding you into someone truly great.

We love and are thankful for every single day God gives us with you and are so humbled to have you as our son forever.

Here’s what you looked like the day you were born:


Here is you on your first birthday:


And here you are as a big-boy two year old:


You had a fun “Choo choo…I’m two” train birthday party with us. Between the homemade allergy-friendly cupcakes you talked about eating all day, the falafel (your favorite eats), and running around with your cousins all night, you tuckered yourself out!





Do Hard Things


Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you. -Deut. 31:6

Funny how being a parent forces you to not only teach hard lessons to your own kids, but reminds you of your own shortcomings where you really aren’t practicing what you preach.

Sadie has done swimming lessons before for two summers in a row now. Neither time has she become totally trustworthy and water-safe. But thanks to her awesome Grandparents, we are at it again and confident she will get it.

Her first lesson happened this week. She was a screaming, crying mess. I figured it would be no big deal like times past and she would move on quickly.

She has been an emotional, weepy, sleepless, little being since.

She woke up this morning after a late night of worry and couldn’t stomach eating any breakfast. She sobbed the entire morning, begging me not to go in the car on the way there.

She clung to me asking me to pray for her bravery. She asked Him to be in the water with her.

Although to you and me, it’s just 20 minutes of swimming, to Sadie it was an impassable mountain she couldn’t conquer.

TJ and I both held firm that the more she did it, the easier it would be even though part of us just wanted to let her let it go.

We said,  “Sometimes we all just have to be brave and do hard things.”

She listened, got in the pool despite her fear and trusted in Ms. Sherry. The first five minutes were torture for her. And me.

And then something clicked. I don’t know if it was Ms. Sherry’s constant encouragement, that Sadie was audibly praying for bravery, or that she saw me right on the side like I promised I would be.

She hit her stride and before we all knew it, she was swimming unassisted under the water to grab rings on the stairs to bring to the surface. Every once and a while Sadie would pop up from the water, boldly confessing something to Ms. Sherry. It was as if getting over her fear of the water was purging other uncertainties in her three-year-old life. She confessed to being afraid of the dark at night, or that Jonah liked the water but she wasn’t so sure.

Each time, Ms. Sherry assured her again that she was still good enough despite her fears.

How powerful to watch my child bring to the surface, openly confess, and move forward with no more chains to bind her.

It was the perfect picture of how God longs for us to come to him with all of our stuff, no matter how bad or how messy. He sits ready to not only listen, but to reassure us we are His. When we openly come to Him, He stands waiting to give us the courage we need to move forward boldly and confidently.

Sometimes it means we simply have to do hard things and trust that God is with us in it.

I am so thankful for my three year old and how she points me to our Savior in such tangible ways.

Back In Session


Sadie woke up so excited to start another year in preschool…but not just any preschool…the BIG KID CLASS preschool.

She got herself dressed, brushed her hair, ate her breakfast, and got that backpack of hers on so quickly I couldn’t believe my eyes.

There were no tears and no hesitation for me to leave even though Daddy was out of town having to miss all the first day action. It was a morning full of smiles and we couldn’t be more proud!

Here’s to another awesome year for our little sponge.


And did I mention that it’s icing on the cake that her favorite treasure-hunting-on-the-play ground buddy is in her class again?! Perfection, I say.

school3Have fun Mrs. Pirus!

Thankful Thursday

Sadie likes to start out with as many of her stuffed animals as possible with her in her bed every night. But you must never forget Ellie, her Elephant and the only animal that has a name other than it’s own title. Bear and Puppy come in a close second and third place.

At one time it was only Larry. Now he sleeps in the living room. With Bob.

Shortly after falling asleep, she will thrash around, change positions and everything including pillows and blanket will end up spread across the bare floor.

Jonah sleeps on his belly. Only after he has stood up in his crib laughing at who knows what for a while. When he finally settles, he will raise his arms above his head, holding the edges of his mattress underneath the bumper with his belly down and his butt up. He won’t move unless he gets hungry.

Except when he is teething. When he is in pain, he will sleep on the left side of his mattress cuddled up to his bear and blanket on his back.

That’s how I know he’s getting a new tooth…he sleeps on his back to take the pressure off his face.

I know these things because I’m their Mommy. And I’m so thankful.