Elijah James Birth Story

ImageYou know you’re the third little one in the family when the blog falls silent for months. To say we’ve been busy around the house would be a huge understatement, but Elijah’s birth day is a day that I will never forget.

I literally limped to the finish line with a multitude of curve balls thrown at me until the very final hours before Eli’s sweet debut. Between Jonah’s EoE regression, severe asthma attacks landing him in the ER multiple times, including 6 hours before we were to check in at Labor and Delivery, my two kidney stones, kidney stent surgery under no anesthesia, a double ear infection that left me with a myringotomy and moderate hearing loss until delivery, and finding out my regular OB had pneumonia the night before…let’s just say it was an eventful 9 months of medical emergency that made my awful morning sickness the first 19 weeks a walk in the park. 

When I walked myself into the OR, I was emotionally overwhelmed. Overwhelmed that the pain of a rough pregnancy would soon be over and that I would finally hold this new little boy whom I had longed to see in such a different way than I had my other two. I requested my team to be calm in the OR, quiet and have calming music playing to give me the most “normal” birthing experience I could have with a C-section.

This song began playing as I walked in and as they began prepping me for delivery and it perfectly fit the echo of my heart as I fixed myself on meeting our boy. All the pain, I waited for our Eli. I would have done it every day of my life if it meant the last day he would finally be in my arms because I loved him so much before I even saw his face.


I laid there looking into TJ’s eyes for a center of calm and confidence and when we heard his first cry, we rejoiced that he was finally here. He looked so unscathed from all the turmoil that had happened without him even knowing and relief hit me like a tidal wave that we both made it through it all. I held held, kissed him, smelled his sweet head, and took in the beautiful creation God hand knitted for us to care for. It was a sweet, sweet delivery.

Elijah James was born at 7:39 am weighing in at 7 pounds 12 ounces and 19 inches long.

The next best part for us as parents was to watch the joy on Sadie and Jonah’s faces when they came to meet their new brother for the first time. They were so excited, so gentle, and so sweet with this little life they had waited for so patiently. We pray the closeness we know they felt then continues on throughout their lives.



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