Menu Plan

I’ve hit so many sales on pasta that were too good to pass up (yay for free pasta) that now my pantry is filled with it! I’m hoping that an intense pregnancy craving for pasta will kick in because it will take us a while to get through it all if I don’t.  In the meantime, we’ll stick to once or twice a week. I’m taking the opportunity to selectively choose new pasta recipes that aren’t in my normal repertoire, so I’ll be sure to post new ones we try and like.

TJ is out of town on business in the beginning of this week, so Sadie and I are winging it with our schedule and piecing together some simple dinners for the two of us.

Here’s the menu for this week when Daddy gets back:

  1. Penne with Spinach Sauce
  2. Turkey Burgers & Sweet Potato Fries
  3. Black Bean Quesadillas & Salad
  4. Falafel & Garlic Roasted Broccoli
  5. Date Night

Extra Yummy Goodies:


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